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A dream about the solstice

It's the longest night of the year. Snow coats the ground. Above you the stars shine still and bright, and as you stare into the sky, your breath mists the air. You're waiting for someone, you know. You clutch the lead of a sled in one hand -- ready to traipse off, into adventure.

They're coming soon. Wait. Warm yourself.

A dream about the past

You dream of the inside of a clocktower, gears revolving around you, your apron coated with grease. In the center of each wheel you glimpse a world, faraway and familiar.

You see your sisters' blurred and whirling hands and hear their counting-game. You see a sullen, sharp-featured boy, spectacles too large for his face. You see trees heavy with apple blossoms, and smell them, and feel the bark rough under your hands. A friend holds you on his shoulders, and he wobbles as you wave your arms. You laugh and laugh and laugh.

In that other world, a girl says she'll tell you your fortune. She draws the Fool. It even looks like you -- but what do you look like? 

"Who are you?"

A dream about a voice

Ash drifts and dances around you, as though from a bonfire. Someone speaks.

"Hallo! I like your head. It was so quiet and lonesome, shut up in that watch ... but I waited. I waited and waited, because I wanted to stay. Won't you to give me some place to stay? I like your head ... Who are you?"

Gears turn; ash falls and snow falls; your fingers are covered in grease. "Who are you?"


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