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Yes! The Shifting Patterns of Bats on the Cavern roof may be Interpreted by SCIENCE to Forecast your Future! See Madame Shoshana's Most Accurate Predictions in the Gazette, irregularly.

1 - The Rat.
Class: Metamorphic.
Character: Dependable, hardworking, 'like our hardworking rat friends.' Pragmatic in approach. Practical and responsible. Stable and grounded. Reliable, above all.
Archetype: Investigator, Politician.
Good Luck: The heavy, geological pull of the rocks beneath us all.
Ill Luck: Macramé (in spite of a talent for it). Volcanoes. Crustless sandwiches, high tea taken too far.

2 - The Lovers.
Class: Metamorphic.
Character: Dependable -- a 'rock.'
Archetype: Scholar, Politician.
Good Luck: The colour mauve (when others wear it).
Ill Luck: Unknown.

3 - The Bat.
Class: Metamorphic.
Character: Nothing if not practical. Strong and wise. Pragmatic and well organised. 'Like the bats in their flocks above,' brings 'order to chaos.'
Archetype: Investigator, Scholar.
Good luck: Unknown.
Ill Luck: Rag-and-bone men. Rags. Bones.

4 - The Bear.
Class: Speleothemic.
Character: Enthusiastic in his or her interests. Intelligent and thoughtful. Secretive, 'like the mountain bears, which ... are not mythical at all.'
Archetype: Dreamer, Criminal.
Good Luck: A clove of garlic in the bath.
Ill Luck: Sawdust, especially in the corners of rooms and on the tops of tables.

5 - The Shepherd.
Class: Speleothemic.
Character: Ruled by logic. Fiercely intellectual. At home in the mountains of learning. 'A shepherd of ideas, perhaps.' Thoughtful.
Archetype: Gambler, Criminal.
Good Luck: Unknown.
Ill Luck: Taking hansom cabs in Spite. Traveling on foot in Veilgarden.

6 - The Crow.
Class: Speleothemic.
Character: Easily inspired and creative. Idealistic. Clever, cunning. Quick-witted, 'much like the crows themselves.' Prone to day-dreaming.
Archetype: Dreamer, Gambler.
Good Luck: A spotted handkerchief -- but tying knots in it will not aid memory.
Ill Luck: Cooking tapioca. (Caution advised with cocoa.)

7 - The Lady.
Class: Igneous.
Character: Charming, 'often the most charming person in the room.' Impulsive. Has strong feelings about most things. Appears positive, radiant with energy, 'like certain well-loved Ladies of our time.'
Archetype: Adventurer, Hedonist.
Good Luck: Unknown.
Ill Luck: Black umbrellas, especially in damp weather. The foxtrot or waltz, even when asked by a devil. Incriminating evidence and cool fireplaces.

8 - The Lantern.
Class: Igneous.
Character: Creative, devoted to a craft. Passionate and energetic. Spirited, shining, 'like the flame of a lantern in the dark.' Possessing an enthusiasm either warming or tiresome.
Archetype: Hedonist, Philanthropist.
Good Luck: Toadstools.
Ill Luck: Mosses and lichens. The colour maroon, especially on library wallpaper.

9 - The Cat.
Class: Igneous.
Character: Sometimes overly idealistic -- this is a good thing. Assertive and daring. Clever, 'quick and sharp as a cat.'
Archetype: Adventurer, Philanthropist.
Good Luck: Porridge (when chosen over toast).
Ill Luck: Jam on porridge or toast.

9 - The Rose.
Class: Glacial.
Character: Intuitive and insightful. Of delicate feelings and easily-bruised sensibilities, 'like rose petals.' Attractive towards others, and clever enough to make use of the fact. Empathetic towards all unfortunates.
Archetype: Artist, Assassin.
Good Luck: Unknown.
Ill Luck: Curtains of plum or burgundy. Velvet. Too much pepper in one's sauces.

11 - The Spider.
Class: Glacial.
Character: Embraces the life of the mind. Intuitive and romantic. Spins 'intricate webs of supposition and intrigue, much like the spider herself.' Sentimental, kind, sensitive, and enigmatic.
Archetype: Artist, Animal Enthusiast.
Good Luck: Respect towards match-sellers and penny-dreadful pedlars.
Ill Luck: (Presumably) disrespect towards match-sellers and penny-dreadful pedlars. A possibility of poison spikes in one's shoes.

12 - The Hunter.
Class: Glacial.
Character: Plagued with dreadful bad luck. Thrice cursed, 'just as Actaeon was cursed for his profanity.' Sensitive and romantic.
Archetype: Animal Enthusiast, Assassin.
Good Luck: Buckets of sand? Bedrest.
Ill Luck: High places, low places, zee-level places. Letters, strangers.


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