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PortraitTo the right of Mr Henrik Paulsen. (Provided by [ profile] henrik_paulsen's illustrator.)
Age: 24.
Gender: Male.


Height: Short -- looks shorter for standing next to Henrik.
Weight: Light -- and, again, even lighter to Henrik.
Eyes: A sort of muddled blue-grey-green. (Sometimes dark with thunder.) He wears round spectacles with heavy frames.
Hair: Golden-pale, kept short and slicked back.
Face/Complexion: Has a look somewhat elongated, a high forehead that wrinkles, a strong nose. His expression is stoic, severe, but that makes it more noticeable when he flushes from anger or embarrassment, or tellingly flickers his eyes away in conversation.
Build: Sharp-boned and slim, with whipcord muscle you would not even notice until he tosses you into a stack of crates.
Defining Marks: The scars of someone who has fought the Eater-of-Chains, been battered about by Unfinished Men, fed his blood to the bleeding-ivy, and had paper burst into flame in his hands. He is, however, quite modest about them.
Dress Style: What you might expect of an impoverished scholar, including an ill-fitting tweed jacket with patched elbows -- and he would not dream of purchasing new clothes when old ones can be mended, so many of his things are patched or darned, and all of his things are well-kept and arranged. Colors are earth-tones, or black. He does not look bad in a frock coat. (Some items from his wardrobe.)
Possessions always on his person: His inheritance from Christer -- a pocket-watch that never worked well but stopped dead during their last encounter. On occasion it will start to tick but too-slow, or in harmony with a nursery rhyme. Since joining the CVR, he has another watch that keeps perfect time. (And in a secret pocket -- shh! -- he keeps a folded letter.)
Manner of Speech: Careful, precise. He tends towards modifiers and qualifiers more than is truly and strictly necessary and will, if allowed, strain a sentence into convolution. Passive voice is his preference since in it action is obscured and objects emphasized. But when moved to, he'll give the most emphatic declarations! And as you may have noticed, or we may have told you, he speaks as though with foot-notes, referring to other conversations and contexts.
Manner of Movement: Contained, you might say, or withdrawn; he takes up little space as is, yet still gives a sense of holding himself back. Every motion is deliberate, but can seem staccato and sudden, coming out of a natural reserve and then retreating at once back into it. This makes him a challenge to anticipate by combatants and cats alike.
Physical Health: Often neglected, but hunting beasts keeps him fit.
IQ: Incisive.
Extrovert/Introvert: Introvert.
Mental Health: Also neglected. Experienced something very like derealization after returning from the Mirror Marches, but after Christer's death he would say, too, that he felt curiously detached and cold. At the same time, he can be self-conscious, suspicious and nervous; one is not necessarily unconnected to the other. (In another time, he might have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder.) He suffers from visions which might be hallucinations or might be the Neath.
Goals/Dreams: Compiling and publishing all that he learns of Neathlore, in Fallen London, and traveling farther, studying more (and with Henrik, always with Henrik). Finding or founding a truly open academic community.
Quirks/Habits: Making notes and lists, which is typical for a scholar -- but he will keep meticulous count of recurring motifs within dreams. Also, acting surly and demanding in the mornings.
Hobbies/Interests: Folklore, philosophy, languages (including Loamsprach and the alphabets of Hell), the occult, general polymathy.
Talents: Drawing together disparate fields and data. Is quick with a knife, and a crack-shot.
Vices: Brandy, though he limits himself to a glass at a time (or a shot in his tea) -- heated disputes in the Square of Lofty Words -- 'primitive' superstitions.
First Impression: Dispassionate intellectual.
Philosophy of Life: Something to which he still gives a great deal of thought -- and in thinking it through, he's realized he can live through nothing that is not the truth. The question then becomes how should the truth be approached? Like a cat on the rooftops? Like a rough in the barroom brawl?

Occupation: Nominally, a bookseller. Really more of an independent scholar and tutor..
Education: A truant, by his own account.
Home:  Above a bookseller's, in a labyrinth of books, with Henrik and Narciso.
Finance: Seems parsimonious; actually select. 

Marital Status: Married, at zee, to one Henrik Paulsen.
Sexual Preference: He does not have the word 'demisexual' or 'panromantic,' but those words could help.
Turn-ons: Brilliant, unexpected insights into something he's been struggling with will make him want to seize and kiss whoever is making them. So do thoughtful gestures from people he loves.
Turn-offs: Whatever inspires shame and confusion in him, which might be difficult to delineate.


Animal: Cats, though it might be better to say he shares an affinity with them.
Color: Goldenrod.
Drink: Assam tea.
Food: Rye bread, particularly the rich rye bread used for smørrebrød with vegetables and cheese.
Scent: Paper -- old or new -- and ink.
Thing to Do: Research, in the field or the library, and conducting purposeful discourse on it.

Least Favorite:

Animal: Sorrow-spiders, though will fight them by the dozens without flinching.
Color: Immodest ones.
Drink: Weak tea.
Food: Any meat -- he has a Pythagorean diet.
Scent: Overwhelming perfumes.
Thing to do: Socialize


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