Jun. 30th, 2020

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German Ghosts and Ghost Stories: Accounts and Annotations from the Autumn of 1887

The Eater-of-Chains and Other Oneiric Entities: Dreams and Dream Lore in The Neath

The Significance of the Name in African and European Mythology (proscribed)

A Decomposing Deity: Dissecting the Correspondence (proscribed)

Septivalence in Correspondence Grammar (proscribed)

Tavern Demonology: Folk Wisdom from the Blind Helmsman

The Cosomology of Clay: Metaphysical Glosses on Loamsprach Verse

Further Loamsprach Glosses

The Fiddler's Fluke and Other Tales: Being a Survey of Neath-Songs from Wolfstack through Polythreme

On Specular and Speculative Travel (proscribed)

The Mountain of Youth: An Epic of the Elder Country

Comparative Soul Lore, with Notes from Flute Street: Pneuma, Hugr and Vital Essence (denounced)

Down and Down and North and Round: An Incunabulum on the People and Customs of Mutton Island

Phoebean, Cynthian, Luciferan: An Incunabulum on the Story Cycles of Hunter's Keep

A Theological Bestiary

Second City Hieroglyphs, Reproduced and Translated for the London Readership (proscribed)

The Fallen Horizon of Aten: A Theory of the Second City (proscribed)

Shrieks and Theosophistry: Regarding the Dancing Trees of Bullbone Island

The Journal of Neath Studies (underground)

The Attendants of Mr Sacks, or From the Mouths of Babes

As Tall as the Cavern Roof: Tales Told by a Salty Fabulist

Burn the Bat and Catch the Star: Following the Correspondence through Street Songs and Rhymes (proscribed)

On the Correspondence in the Manufacture of Puzzle-Damask (proscribed)

The Voice in the Fog: Some Notes on the Purpose of Polythremean Folk Music

The Affair of the Box: An Exposé (despised)

To the Mountains of Cheese: A Selection of the Songs of Ratkind

A Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven: Evidence of Tengrism in the Fourth City

Reflections on the World Behind the Mirrors (proscribed)

The Feast of Masks and Other Fallen Traditions

Matters Unholy, Impossible, or Untrue: The Short Stories of T.E. Gylden

"The Pirate Poet" in Loamsprach and English

Customs of the Clay Quarters


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